Morris - A.K.A Daniel Atias

For Morris it all began in 2018. He fell in love with DJing right away and steadily built his way up, inspired by local DJs (life, lakes, Adam Tan) as well as international ones (Solomon Dixon and Black Coffee.)
Morris put in all the blood, sweat and tears necessary to put out tracks which ended upgetting a lot of recognition domestically and worldwide.
A couple of more recent successful releases are a remix for Monica Sex “The Dress from Madrid” and a collab with Dor Danino in Blue Shadow.
His grind continued and eventually Morris got to play alongside Black Coffee, Guy Gerber and other ‘world greats’. Even Soloman and Ame(?) played his track in Ibiza and around the world, reconfirming that everyone wants more of Morris.

The journey of a great DJ is full of challenges but his motto in life is to work hard and always stay true to yourself, while never forgetting to “let the music speak”.

Today, Morris is both a music producer and a DJ and has played shows across the entire country.