Komodo Is a group formed From the Tel Aviv nightlife scene.

With the finest leading artists In the Mainstream and Electronic fields Side by side with Hip-Hop artists.

Our versatility is exceptional with one goal To give you all you need For your perfect event.

Komodo will find the common denominator to connect the dots, whether it’s an older or a younger audience.

Emphasizing unique individualism and carefully selected quality people.

If you are able to dream it we are striving to fulfill it.

Our Artists

Idan Perez

The uniqueness of the Idan is to accurately read the crowd with the importance of “living” the crowd here and now, and not being left behind. In Idan’s resume there is alarge number of weddings and social events. With a focus on personal and warm treatment for each couple and couple

For more than a decade, the Idan Perez has been one of the most prominent names in the Tel Aviv club scene. Beginning with clubs such as Doom, TLV, Gogo Whiskey, DND, Dog Cat, Galina and more.

Alongside shows in Bulgaria, Belgium, Paris, and in many festivals around the world.

In recent years, he has been the “resident” DJ of the Desert Club, LiteHouse, Litzman, Shalvata and more.

Roni Levi

Roni Levi is a DJ and an indisputably talented musical producer.

Roni began his way playing at the mains stages of the Tel Aviv club scene, where he gained extensive experience with a wide range of audiences and dance floor. Ultimately, that led him to reaching dance floors around the world, and playing in main stage parties at Hong Kong, Amsterdam and more.

As a music producer, Roni brings his music in a different and special style, with his special unique remixes he creates, combined with a ‘Live Drum Show’, where he does amazing things that will undoubtedly will lead to an unforgettable party! .

For Roni, the most important element is to be a professional with accurate crowd reading, alongside a BIG SMILE 🙂

Tal Bendel

Music grabbed hold of Tal while he was a young soldier in the IDF. One day he brought home a deck and every time he’d return home he wouldn’t leave it alone. Once he completed his service Tal took a leap and stepped in front of a real audience playing trance at various nature parties.
It was during his long trip abroad that Tal looked for any opportunity he could to play. His drive and passion landed him a few gigs in Colombia, Panama and Brazil, most of which were trance parties.

After returning home Tal started to blend in at all the student bars, which is how he transitioned to mainstream music. He was a resident at Dolly Parton at the time, as well as clubs like Piki Panda, Canta, and Madison.


With 9 years of eating, living and breathing music, Taio is a force to be reckoned with.
Taio gravitates towards edgy, sophisticated music and that’s reflected in his productions. His top electro influences are artists like Rex the dog, NTFO and fungus funk.
Although he has been lucky enough to play some dope sets in India, his ultimate dream is to play on the biggest world stages in the world.
For now he is on his way to conquering Tel Aviv, playing at all the clubs every chance he gets.

“The way I see it, when I’m playing for an audience, I feel like they’re my date. I’m telling them a personal story through my music and we’re all caught in this intimate moment together.”


Morris - A.K.A Daniel Atias

For Morris it all began in 2018. He fell in love with DJing right away and steadily built his way up, inspired by local DJs (life, lakes, Adam Tan) as well as international ones (Solomon Dixon and Black Coffee.)
Morris put in all the blood, sweat and tears necessary to put out tracks which ended upgetting a lot of recognition domestically and worldwide.
A couple of more recent successful releases are a remix for Monica Sex “The Dress from Madrid” and a collab with Dor Danino in Blue Shadow.
His grind continued and eventually Morris got to play alongside Black Coffee, Guy Gerber and other ‘world greats’. Even Soloman and Ame(?) played his track in Ibiza and around the world, reconfirming that everyone wants more of Morris.